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one day you will blossom, one day when you're ready.

yeah...yesterday was just a generally obnoxious day, as far as my thoughts/feelings were concerned. took a long walk around downtown denver last night, and talked to brett a bunch and was able to straighten out some of the messiness. just a reminder that nobody is above being completely retarded from time to time.

but today seems to be doing better. i'm still wrestling with a few things in my head, but hopefully resolution will arrive on my doorstep soon, so i should probably just drop it and stop chewing the issues to pieces. just relax and let things happen as they are meant all areas of life. that had been the plan, that is still the plan. JUST CHILL OUT, HANNAH.

from the department of weird shit:
i think i must have been bitten by something. i woke up this morning, and what looked like a small nothing yesterday had swollen up and my whole hand was sore. great. i'm probably dying of west nile or whatnot...heh. nevertheless, will page my aunt the doctor if it looks like it's getting worse in the next day or so.

anyways...i'm stalling. i'm all dressed up to go interviewing, so i should just get it over with so i don't have to stay in this ridculous pair of hose anymore. off i go!

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