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day = dichotomy

on the downside, i've been pretty sick, so i went ahead and slept almost all day. started with a raging sore throat (which i had chalked up to the whole quit bit), and progressed to chills and fever, achy, etc shortly after i laid down to go to sleep at 9am this morning...and i'm not sure i actually slept until noonish. or if i did, it just felt like i was some sort of half-conscious human sandbag.

on the upside, i found this: 99 rooms. creepy lovely.

downside: i got Nothing done today. which, normally might be ok. but right now there are too many things hanging in the balance for me to just walk away from the helm for a bit.

!!! highlight! matt murphy dropped a line to me via aim. this means whereas i had just given up hope of ever seeing him again, being as i lost his number with the tragic loss of my cellphone...there will be coffee and chess once more! hoorah! i was am very excited. there is, once again, return to the original - natural harmonics between us. i look forward to it.

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