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get down everybody.

drama drama drama. yesterday was just loaded with it, blah. went to a party where the instant i got through the door i felt like some sort of unpleasant surprise. as it was more my cohort than me. but, i'm too. it was just more awkwardness than i could handle. but....things improved as the night went on. the group of people re-congealed. some left, some came. but eventually the mixture mellowed again. and thank god. because i'm prey to social paranoia more often than not, it's true. i'm no butterfly, my friends.

but i think the re-occurring theme is: RELAX YOUR PERCEPTIONS, Hannah. i keep stumbling over my own misconceptions, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. sooooooo i'm gonna work on shutting up the usual inner monologue. again.

see these words? this is medatative motion.

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