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it's good to be loved.

ah, my dearest little sis (rachel).
[21:02] her: hey
[21:02] *** Auto-response sent to my sister: i will have energy
i Am energy.
[21:03] her: ok funky punky sis you need new away message b/c i know that you are normal deep down inside
incidentally, that quote in my away message comes from this neat find...YES it is worth the wait...

you know...i like dave, alot. he's infectious good vibe. always puts me in a good mood to be in his general vicinity.

i'm feeling very...good vibes. good things happened today, good mood, good company. plenty of walking around....god, yeah. come to think of it...3+ hours of it. just general relaxation. hope. cheer. calm. !and i got some tea.

so hey. i'll share some of my cheer with you if you'll have it. =)

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