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what's she BUILDING in there?

mostly a lot of quiet absorption. circular motion in a reversable ocean.

I want a lot of things. I think a lot of things are interesting. There has been a burning desire to move towards a harmony of simplicity and coziness. Thinking along the lines of alternative residence, maybe even an unusual pet, though i'm not sure how The Usual Pet would feel about either. Her opinion aside, I was particularly mesmerized by the idea of sleep suspension, and of course, other ridiculous bells and whistles.

I can feel this (weirdness =P) calling. But sure, I still have my self-doubt. I don't want to waste my time in useless pursuits, but yet I also need to take some before I decide. And it's all wind until i'm finished with school and Peace Corps anyways. But perhaps that would be the perfect transition point. To spend 2.25 years abroad somewhere, living with nothing, and then return to more living with nothing. Or at least, very little. Maybe I could even spend time in an eco village. Would I need to move out of the US? Could I have a simple life and still have hobbies like spinning? Would that matter to me? The idea of making a switch to the unusual is much less scary as an Experiment. But maybe if I liked it, it could be a Permanent Change.

Change is subtle, sometimes. Someone who looks exactly the same as yesterday has permanently-altered thought patterns. That's not me, necessarily, I'm just sayin.

These are all just thoughts in my head.

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