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the point is - it's over now.

i have my car. this means i can, in fact, DRIVE TO MY JOB ON MONDAY. honestly, i don't want to go into the detail on the familial upheaval surrounding the situation. i think it could be best summed-up by a quote from peter: "Your mom and I are almost at a divorce situation on account of your irresponsibility." which, of course, is complete and total bullshit.

honestly...i don't ever want to see peter again, as much as that's probably not a feasible request. i basically only put up with him for mom's sake anyways. i hope my mom is ok. i hope my siblings are ok. i wish rachel had moved out for college, but....her deal not mine. sarah and melissa seem fine. i hope andrew doesn't go crazy having rebecca around all the time. i hope rebecca goes to hell. that's not very nice to wish on a 12-year-old. but that doesn't mean i don't still think she deserves it, the little bitch.

i'm finally getting to rebuilding. i can't even begin to say how hopeful i am, this time. how much better i'm determined to do. how i'd even like to make mom proud, but not shame myself anymore. i've got a plan. i'm taking action. i swear to god, i'm going to get it right this go-round. i promise. consider it accomplished.


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