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i'm sunshine, and you're the fucking rainbow. =P

what an awesome day, today. got up early to go march in the Pride Parade with Amnesty International. in and out of the float i spent 9 hours working on yesterday. (and when i left they still weren't finished!) it was such a riot. it had the feel of a block party. the energy was so stepped into cheeseman park this morning where everyone was gathered to start, and it was like a rush. it was - literally - like getting high on good moods. there was lots of music, smiling, laughing, dancing, joking. lots of: !!!

got to dance down the street handing out AI literature, got sunburnt, and this will be about the 5th day in a row that i pass my time with two of my favorite people on the planet - dave and brett. i called my dad and he was all excited that i was marching in the parade. and so was i.

afterwards we walked over to Peter's Chinese and had some yummy fried rice, etc. and then we all came back and crashed out on my bed for a nice afternoon nap.

and now i'm headed out to spin at a party. i cannot think of a better way to end the day. well, ok, maybe i can come up with something....;)


PS> 7 hours later...

that party was like some cosmic battle between good and evil. but i had the turntables and some serious shield, so i got to rock out anyways. it was nice. finally getting the knack, and plus, i felt like i was really contributing heavy-duty positive energy to situation that was very much slime vs. shine. never thought of my records like weapons of vibe-warfare before tonight. splat, splat, spl-at...that's right folks - no mercy. we're slinging the funky breaks here.
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