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oh ok fine so here:

hannah = silly. but i embrace this silliness! so i'm completely happy and stupid, sometimes. that's ok! it's café-au-lait by me. this permissiveness towards silliness is a huge contribution to aforementioned wellspring of joy.

still! i want to stay aware and try to be wise on the situation and all parties involved. you know? so for now i keep my hopes high but my expectations low. it mostly works, as a plan. and it does still leave room for a small amount of squee.

jade's house was an awesome reset. my head still feels full, but i'm a little clearer about it, at least. at least - i feel like i know what's going on up there again. brain gets carried away. forgets to keep me up-to-speed on the important details. i'd like to say i have a plan, but...that's not really the case, heh. only the usual plan - complete confidence in my ability to face whatever situation arises. =) this is peace of mind, folks.

ok that's all you get for now. time to go love on the lilah-kitty. she got all scared from neighborhood fireworks, plus then i owe her sleeping in my own bed tonight so she doesn't get bored and lonely.

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