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phoenixdragon's Journal

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the hannah tea.
20 October
!!!, accents, afternoon napping, alanis morissette, amusement, atmosphere, bjork, black against color, breakbeats, btvs, caresses, chakras, cities at night, collaging, contrast, cooking, cuddling, curiousity, dangly earrings, dragons, eccentricity, energy manipulation, enigma, equality, español, ethereal, euphoria, existentialism, exploration, expression, falling snow, fantasy, feeling sultry, flow, fog, foreign literature, francais, francophonie, free verse, french, getting mail, gravity, hands, harry potter, hatha yoga, health, heat, henna, honesty, imagery, imprints, ink, inspiration, intelligence, introspection, jane, jazz, jen lasher, journaling, joy, katie waitman, kushiel's dart, labyrinths, lack of pretense, languages, legend of the phoenix, lexis, life stories, lifelong learning, linguaphiles, linguistics, lisa yuskavage, lounging, lucid dreaming, luis royo, luminescence, manipulated graphics, meditation, memories of the ocean, minor keys, naked cuddling, natural beauty, night, not wearing clothes, opalescence, original sin, painted eyes, passion, photojournalism, piano, piano music, poetry, procrastination, questioning, rain, rasputina, raving, reading, reading people, redefinition, reincarnation, relativity, resiliency, rings, saez, scarves, science fiction, seduction, seeking, sensual kisses, sensuality, serein, shapeshifters, singing, solitude, spinning, spiritual practice, spirituality, staring, stream-of-conscious, sunsets, surrealism, sushi, sylphs, synchronicity, tea, teacups, techno, telepathy, the awakening, the force, the matrix, the merro tree, the salton sea, the secret of nimh, theorizing, tori amos, touch, trip hop, truth, vanilla sky, violin, visualizations, walking around barefoot, wanderlust, warmth, weightlessness, words,

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