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A Dragon is Born...

...On this day, the first of single awareness month, in the year of the cheshire cat

wow...this is rather swift. first entry, y'know. so, of the last week. um, learning some guitar, just finished a study session in which my pals (the scuby gang, the collective, the posse, etc.) and i spent most of the time composing some lousy but highly amusing songs about life, love, and the general idiosyncracies in our respective realms. Todd and Ed were missed, though PXJ (Paul Xavier Jones)and Alvin made a showing at the communal guitar and english festival chez moi. and just for future reference, i don't really believe in capital letters, so if this bugs you, toughcookies. resolution of the week: to quit liking the spineless coward who has broken my heart. yep. sounds like i'm well on my way. perhaps i will have more to say on that next week...tune in, same place, probably at some ungodly hour of the night.

quote of the day: dis aliter visum (latin - the gods deemed otherwise)

song of the day: theme song from the wb's Angel

website of the month: addictive stigmata (
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